Yesterday I posted about #Instawithintent
And created a new hashtag - #bookstawithintent

Today, continuing my curious nature to know more and share more with you all, I present to you further tips to better your chances of being seen, heard on the 'Explore page' and beat the Insta Algorithm. At least to some extent. Do read up more on this. Share what you know. 🙏

*Do NOT use the follow- unfollow apps. Instagram flags these unauthorized app users and this could get you banned someday.. . *I am not saying this because I suffer like many others of the really irritating follow unfollow games but it can get your account banned not only by the accounts who are pissed with you but also Instagram. The AI is really smart. Smarter than you, unflinching hooman. So better mind this. 🥬

. *I will do a post on Instajails, other tips and tricks and the curious case of temporary blocks and bans. Stay tuned on my IG lorry. For now- REMEMBER that getting blocked is a worrisome fracture. I am these days getting blocked from even sending DM’s! It pisses me off because I hardly DM. 🥬

. *Share about yourself more. Be realistic- niche is great but personality is an added asset. 🥬

. *When people are engaging and taking time to comment. RECIPROCATE. DON’T be an asshole. Try to reciprocate by helping others gain visibility. I have learnt one thing here- people will be sweet and really harmless to you on your faces but when it comes to supporting, hardly a handful do. Getting support is a luxury. 🥬

. *Look, it depends on how much you want your feed to look classy or organized or a carousel. If your point like mine is talking about books but not caring much about edits, that’s what’s going to work cause in the end, the focus of the feed doesn’t mean a 5 hour edit. Don’t have pretty flatlays? IT’S TOTALLY FINE🥬

. *Teach your audience what you learn🥬
. *I am no one to give you social media tips, there are plenty who will but what I observe, research, I tend to believe in. So it might work for you too! 😇With that hope in mind, let me know if you have any specific questions and I shall try researching on the same. 😘

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